Edufuturist of the Year

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The shortlist

Chris Melia

Senior Learning Technologist at University of Central Lancashire and the pioneer behind the DigiLearn Community. He is always keen to widen collaboration across the sector and built a community fostered to connect digital practitioners from across FE, HE and beyond. His colleagues and those in the sector talk about how he has a way of showcasing tools that will help us to become future-ready in a way that is exciting and empowering.

Louise Jones

Louise has been been a prominent figure in transforming education on an international level for many years. Louise worked to transform education across Scotland through the training and support for schools and colleges to use technology to enhance learning. Louise worked with Google globally around their accessibility features and an approach which means learners, no matter their barriers, should be able to access learning. Louise now leads the charge working with ThingLink, supporting education across the sectors internationally. She is a true innovator and force for good in education.

Jon Neale

Jon is Digital Learning Leader at Halcyon International School in London and for many years has been one of the faces on the Google for Education demonstration stand at the BETT Show. Jon is a pioneer in education; he inspires teachers, students and leaders alike with his passion for learning, teaching above technology and trying new things. As a coach, mentor and school leader, he always sets the bar high and is challenging the status quo of education as a positive force for change.

Caroline Keep

Caroline is Director of Makerspace at Penketh High School in Warrington where she also teaches Physics. She has extensive experience before going into teaching in engineering, environmental science and social media. She was the 2018 TES Awards Teacher of the Year, is a member of EdTech50 and recognised as part of BIMA100 in 2019. She co-founded the first ever Makefest at Liverpool’s Central Library Festival to promote the uses of technology for education and showcase innovative and developing practices. She has published ground-breaking educational research on maker education

Outstanding Achievement in Education

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Winner TBC

FE College of the Year

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The shortlist

Harlow College
Educators often make the point about not using technology for technology’s sake. Harlow College’s cross-college digital strategy underpins its integrated use of technology for all students across all delivery areas and training for all staff. Students explore their own learning and the use of technology allows them to do that. Each student has individual needs which conventional teaching can sometimes struggle to meet. Using technology like the iPads meets those needs. As the nomination makes clear: the ongoing project is ‘to be ahead when using technology.’ This strategy puts them in a good starting place.

Barton Peveril Sixth Form College
In 2019, Barton Peveril Sixth Form College won a Sixth Form Colleges Association (SFCA) Award for Independent Learning. The College was recognised on a national level for enabling students of all abilities to work independently, both inside and outside of the classroom. Headed by Barton Peveril’s Learning Support Team, students are supported at College through the use of Speech Recognition Software, access to Chromebooks during lessons, a dedicated Learning Support Google Site, the Barton Peveril Mental Wealth Tool and one-to-one support from a member of the Learning Support Team. As a result of this support, students with declared learning support at Barton Peveril are now among the top 10% of all learners nationally.

Coleg Cambria
Coleg Cambria has been a leading light across Wales for its approach to cloud-first technologies. Coleg moved to Google for all its staff and students and hasn’t looked back since. The college has an approach for supporting its learners digital development and has championed this for many years. The college runs digital literacy courses as part of its holistic approach to teaching and learning and this has been a huge success with staff and students improving their digital capabilities. The college is rated outstanding and the work it does is a testament to its staff and the community it serves.

Bridgend College
Bridgend College was crowned FE College of the Year at the 2019 TES FE Awards and was recently awarded 24th place and 2-star ‘outstanding’ in the Sunday Times 100 Best Not-for-Profit Organisations to Work For 2020. As a freshly minted Google Reference College, Bridgend has demonstrated exemplary practice in digital transformation. They have over 150 Google Certified Educators at Level 1 and a number of staff at Google Certified Trainer/Innovator level. They have a comprehensive, fully funded programme to facilitate all staff to achieve the next level. As part of Welsh Government funding, they have recently launched a brand new digital innovation space, Den01, set up to directly address the integration of technology into the curriculum.

Secondary School of the Year

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The shortlist

XP School
As their motto claims, the XP School in Doncaster are genuinely preparing students for modern life. By any yardstick (test scores, OFSTED inspections, word-of-mouth, demand for places) they are defying the dominant ideology of education in England. Their passion for project-based learning in the context of the UK education system stands testament to this.

Ribblesdale High School
Ribblesdale High School in Clitheroe has an excellent reputation for ensuring learning for the future is at the heart of the school experience. As a regional SCITT, National Support School for Teaching & Leadership and a Microsoft Training Academy, the recognition shows what an amazing difference the school is making for students and their future lives. Pupils have access to the latest technologies and resources to support teaching and learning, both within and beyond the classroom.

St Mungo's High School
St Mungo's High School in Falkirk has committed to ensuring that digital learning is an integral part of a student's experience. Making innovative use of online tools, the school is forging ahead with creative and engaging ways to ensure students are well prepared for their future. An interactive school app helps parents and carers stay connected. They have been recognised as a Microsoft Showcase School for their excellence in demonstrated student outcomes resulting from its commitment to educational transformation.

School 21
School 21 is a phenomenon in UK education. They believe fundamentally that "Today Matters". and that young people can produce work of real value to the world today with a philosophy of joy, respect, curiosity and kindness at its heart. School 21 has developed a series of pedagogies and approaches that give students the chance to find their voice, develop deep knowledge and understanding, and create beautiful work that has real value beyond the classroom.

Primary School of the Year

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The shortlist

Cheam Common Junior Academy
Cheam Common Junior Academy is part of the LEO Academy Trust. As an EdTech Demonstrator School, Cheam Common is now supporting the delivery of the Department for Education’s new national programme, providing peer-led advice and training to help schools and colleges use technology to support remote teaching and improve their digital capability. Their focus on embedding Chromebooks into their curriculum as well as a relentless focusing on training digital leaders is outstanding.

Layton Primary School
Layton Primary School in Blackpool has the mission to Grow Great Minds Together and their innovative curriculum model is helping to do just that. As an Apple Distinguished School and EdTech 50 School, the team of teachers and students are at the forefront of makng a difference in their community. A team of iLeaders, students who help with technology, are an example of their outstanding practice.

Ysgol Bro Lleu
Ysgol Bro Lleu is a Google Reference School in Caernarfon, Wales, which is having an outstanding impact on learners through a focus on developing confident and independent learners. The school's investment in Chromebooks is not just financial; they have embedded these devices in their practice. In order to ensure the school uses the right tool for the task, they are an Apple Regional Training Centre, which offers training for teachers to develop skills in using Apple tools in the classroom.

Whitefield Primary School
Whitefield Primary School in Liverpool was an EdTech 50 School which was recognised for its innovative use of iPads in the curriculum and highlighted by OfSTED for the use of technology, including Seesaw and eCadets. The school holds Gold School Mental Health status and was ranked #1 in Merseyside in 2020.

University of the Year

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The shortlist

University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN)
UCLAN has quickly become a leading light as a university with high aspirations for its learners. Its Engineering Innovation Centre, Research Centre for Business, Management & Enterprise and Research Centre for Digital Life , which is focussed on finding answers to the big questions of how to design, create and use digital technologies for the benefit of people, are all amazing examples of a university making a difference in its community and beyond.

University of Birmingham
University of Birmingham has a number of high profile projects that are bringing innovation into education. These include Gesture Controlled Technology being used in the Arts, National Quantum Technologies Programme to revolutionise how we interact with the natural world and Inclusive Education, including Autism Centre for Education and Research and The Centre for Research in Race and Education. The cutting-edge Top 100 university is leading the way.

IE Business School
IE Business School, Madrid is on a mission to reinvent the way higher education is delivered. The WOW Room is one great example amongst many at the school, acknowledging that technology is bringing the future of learning forward doing this through elements that include artificial intelligence, simulations in real time, big data analysis, interactive robots, emotion recognition systems, and the presence of experts using holograms.

University of Bristol
Bristol University is setting high standards in embedding innovation into the heart of its curriculum. With options to study over 15 subject areas with innovation, there is a real focus on ensuring that each undergraduate course is connected to the real world. The courses allow students to explore innovative and disruptive ideas and the potential of new technologies to change the way people live and work, as well as creating prototypes to test with users or customers

Excellence in Staff Engagement & Training

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The shortlist

Chris Melia
Chris Melia has developed the DigiLearn programme which is used throughout the University of Central Lancashire and which now includes partners across the UK; he is also very active within the wider Microsoft partnership which has given him an international profile. He has become an inspirational leader, able to both engage and train in a way that makes practical sense in the real academic world, and he has encouraged a community of digilearn practitioners, advocates and champions to take the work across different teams, schools and faculties so that we are now sharing knowledge at a grass-roots level.

Jennifer Wozniak-Rush
Jennifer Wozniak-Rush is an innovative leader and teacher, she delivers CPD to her school, NQTs across the Teaching Alliance, the PLSCITT, ELTSA School Direct, the University of Cumbria MFL teacher training course, various MFL associations and is both a Specialist Leader of Education and has recently become an Evidence Lead in Education for Blackpool Research School. Jennifer is an exciting practitioner and leader, her enthusiasm for teaching and learning is infectious and her impact has been across teachers not just in our region but across England and Northern Ireland. Her appointment as an ELE is testament to her belief that all practice should be evidence informed and rooted in the best research available.

Scott Morgan
Scott Morgan has been instrumental in the wide scale, cultural change at Bridgend College. As a passionate, dedicated and supportive leader, Scott has led a digital strategy at the college which has seen it develop as a leading institution in the use of digital tools for teaching and learning. With initiatives such as Den01 and robotics classes, innovation is high on the agenda and students benefit from a digitally up skilled staff body, focussed on redefining the curriculum and the manner in which it is delivered. Scott has led the Google journey for the college and with over 300 Google Certified Educators, along with trainers and innovators, they have recently become a Google Reference College - testament to his drive and passion for professional development.

Graham Macaulay
Graham McCaulay is Director of Technology for LEO Academy Trust. He has been committed to staff training for many years, investing heavily in the future of education in terms of technology. LEO was chosen as an EdTech Demonstrator School and Graham is now influential in supporting the delivery of the Department for Education’s new national programme, providing peer-led advice and training to help schools and colleges use technology to support remote teaching and improve their digital capability

Staff Wellbeing Champion of the Year

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The shortlist

Lawrence Tijjani
Lawrence Tijjani is a Google Trainer and Innovator and Former Head of Faculty & Computing teacher who now is a Co-Owner of Happy2Host and trainer for Apps Events UK. Lawrence publicly discusses his own struggles with mental health and epilepsy whilst supporting others online. He was recognised as one of EdTech50 Ones to Watch and is a great motivational keynote and guest speaker, sharing aspects of his own journey.

James Grocott
James Grocott, the winner of this award in 2019, is the man behind the #FFBWednesday movement on Twitter which seeks to connect educators across the world. What started with 50 or so people on the thread now has nearly 800 every week and regularly trends on a Wednesday. Not only is this a great way to help others, James continues to spread positivity and support for the online community. He has discussed male body image, stress, the challenges of parenting and self-care.

Lou Mycroft
Lou Mycroft is an inspiration in every sense. She describes herself as a nomadic educator and Thinking Environment facilitator but is her work on The Ethics of Joy which make her a worthy winner of this award. She talks about how this is a deliberate and affirmative practice, building relationships which play out in something good – a project, a collaboration, an exchange, which help us be hopeful - the only weapon we have against the complexity and cynicism of modern life. Her work on #JoyFE on Twitter is a bastion of light in a dark world.

Claire Lotriet
Claire Lotriet is Assistant Headteacher at a primary school in south London, who writes extensively. Her TEDx talk, The Power of Microconnections, acknowledges that at the heart of any good organisation are effective relationships and at the heart of effective relationships are meaningful connections. In the talk, she shared why small talk can actually be incredibly powerful, if it’s reframed as the opportunity to make microconnections, and the five ways in which she learned to make even the briefest of moments more meaningful.

Network Manager of the Year

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The shortlist

Dave Leonard
Dave Leonard has worked at Matthew Moss High School in Rochdale for over 16 year and was the winner of this award in 2019. He is the co-host of the Learning Dust podast, which aims to bring together techies and teachers, as he recognises that it is often the great divide in schools. His relentless drive to make technology work and to help teachers make a difference is inspiring. He is also a Google Certified Educator and Innovator.

Abid Patel
Abid Patel is a whirlwind of a human being, giving the feeling that he is an entire team in one person. He has developed tremendously over the past twelve months and has added roles as a Google Innovator, Edugeek Moderator and lead of GEG UK to his already substantial job role as IT Director for the Leading Learning Trust. He is developing links both nationally and internationally and works regularly with fellow innovators from the USA, Australia and across the world. He has a fantastic ability to find time to talk to everyone he meets and couples this with a strong technical knowledge to develop both his own and other people's understanding of how IT works in schools.

George Abercrombie
George Abercrombie is IT and Systems Manager at Keys Co-operative Academy Trust in Essex. Almost overnight, he transformed his organisation into a full GSuite user across multiple sites. In an already Outstanding School, George has worked really hard to balance the technical needs of a complex MAT with the learning needs for teachers and students. His role in this has been pivotal.

Daniel Manley
Daniel Manley recently made the transition from industry to education, joining the team at Google Reference Witton Park Academy in Blackburn. He quickly acknowledged the need to ensure that his focus needed to be on ensuring that outstanding teaching & learning could happen, so embarked on the journey of become Google Certified himself. His support for others in the sector is amazing and it is as if he has been doing this job forever!

Student Voice Champion of the Year

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The shortlist

James Taylor
James Taylor, known endearingly as JT is always available to guide the students, and actively involves himself exploring new technology with the students at Cardiff University. Working closely with lecturers to help students develop the skills and knowledge for Broadcast TV and Radio, Documentary, Newspaper and Magazine courses, through practical classroom teaching and workshop support, James is a brilliant advocate for the need to hear where students are at and need to be as he helps design the curriculum.

Ian Rockey
Ian Rockey is a headteacher like no other. He is passionate about integrating technology in every classroom in his school but also giving students a voice in shaping how the school develops. Ian gives students the opportunity to appear on radio, at national conference like BETT and through Go Bubble is helping students to communicate in a safe and engaging way.

Jon Samuel
Jon Samuel is a Primary Computing Teacher by trade but a Student Voice Champion at heart. As a CEOPUK and Go Bubble Ambassador, his passion to ensure young people are safe and heard is inspiring. His light-hearted approach but depth of compassion would make him a worthy winner of this award.

Michael Drezek
Michael Drezek is a champion of Student Voice in his role as District Technology Integrator/Teacher Leader for the Lake Shore Central School District in Western New York. He was a contributing author for DigCitKids, a digital citizenship programme for kids by kids. DigCitKids solve real problems in local, global, and digital communities. Michael is a huge proponent of using social media and holds a whole host of digital accreditations.

International School of the Year

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Winner TBC

Safeguarding Ambassador

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The shortlist

Pauline Armitage-Evans
Pauline Armitage-Evans looks after pastoral support for a college department at Leeds City College which has a variety of students from very deprived backgrounds. Since coming to post, Pauline has transformed their approach to how they work with vulnerable students. Pauline has also been leading on the college's approaches to vulnerable learners during lockdown from COVID-19. She has created the process and best practices for not only working with vulnerable learners in the building but how the college supports those learners who have not engaged in learning and departments.

Steve Clarke
Steve Clarke's work around safeguarding with NCCE to ensure we are keeping students safe online is fundamental as we move to have more learners accessing learning online. Their work for supporting teachers and schools promote safe practices and process in the digital era is brilliant and needs to be celebrated.

Karine Hall-Crowley
Karine Hall Crowley was recently promoted to Safeguarding lead of King Solomon International Business School where she oversees both the primary and the secondary school. Karine is an exemplary safeguarding lead and has built great relationships with both staff and students. In the short time she has been in her position, she has made a mighty difference and safeguarded both kids and adults in the process as well as introducing staff wellbeing Wednesdays to her workplace to ensure staff also feel valued and loved! Karine is more than a safeguarding ambassador but a role model for all.

Suzi Godson & Kerstyn Comley
The MeeTwo App is a wonderful resource for safeguarding young people developed by Suzi Godson and Kerstyn Comley. Suzi Godson is a psychologist, journalist and leading expert in sex and relationships. She has written a weekly sex and relationships column in The Times newspaper for the last fifteen years and is the author of 'Women Unlimited', 'The Body Bible', 'Sex Counsel' and the award winning book 'Sex Book'. Dr Kerstyn Comley is an engineer, education technologist and founder governor of a secondary school in London. Together, they developed the MeeTwo app which is a free fully moderated app for teenagers, which provides peer support, expert help, inbuilt educational and creative resources as well as in-app links to UK charities and helplines.

Excellence in Research

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The shortlist

Sky Caves
Sky Caves has taken the lead in many research projects to improve education across Basingstoke College of Technology. Sky is constantly on the lookout for new accessibility tools to support and develop our students - some who have severe learning disabilities and severe mental health problems. Sky has led on in-house research projects, from supporting our Health and Social Care students, to working with external companies to create more opportunities for our Specialist Provision unit and other areas across the college.

Drew Povey
Drew Povey is well known for his role in the Channel 4 documentary, Educating Greater Manchester, but his greatest asset is his wealth of experience across education, business and elite sport that informs his books, training and consultancy. His book, The Leadership Factor, highlights exceptional attention to detail as he highlighted the practicality of educational leadership through robust interrogation of available theory and application of his own and others leadership experience.

Laura White
Laura White has been Digital Learning Lead, PHSE Lead and RS and Philosophy Teacher at St Cat's in Bromley for many years. She has coupled this with an insatiable quest to improve her practice, culminating in an EdD project at Institute of Education at UCL. She is an advocate of research-informed teaching & learning, and as a coach and mentor for multiple Google Innovator Academies, she employs this model consistently.

Jo Fletcher-Saxon
Jo Fletcher-Saxon is Assistant Principal at Ashton Sixth Form College, managing adult and higher education including education undergraduate programmes and primary, secondary and FE teacher training. Jo leads on teaching, learning and scholarly activity within post 19 provision, leads the college’s NQT programme, and she also has responsibility for one of the college’s large vocational departments for 16-19 year olds. Jo is the practitioner research lead at the college and a convenor for the Learning and Skills Research Network, Greater Manchester region. She hosts the FE Research Meet and FE Research podcast, as well as BrewEdFE and OktoberFEst.